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AirBoss is affordable Airbnb property management software that helps multi-listing and multi-account hosts manage their bookings, staff and guest communication. Coupled with extensive analytics, it empowers property providers to unlock the secrets of their guest flow, revealing the wisdom of deep data through free, easy-to-read graphs and tables. Booking optimization, auto-response, internal messaging, task assignment, team synchronization, notifications, and more — all are harmonized into one simple, end-to-end vacation rental management solution. Web-based with dedicated mobile app, AirBoss is your ultimate superhost solution.

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Integrated Bookings Management

AirBoss’s unique feature doesn’t just put all your Airbnb listings together, but manages your property across multiple accounts – harmonized and controlled from a unified dashboard. Accessible to all your staff through web or mobile, AirBoss is designed for premium efficiency property management.

Dedicated Mobile App

AirBoss custom-built iOS & Android apps are smartly designed to facilitate extra smooth workflow. AirBoss mobile boosts performance and extends flexibility. Get timely notifications, respond immediately, follow personal work progress, communicate with your team, transfer duties and manage contingency all at the touch of your smartphone screen. With AirBoss mobile no task will be left undone.

Occupancy Optimization

AirBoss’s smart system captures “not possible” bookings, advises on best alternatives, optimizes your rentals and helps you achieve even higher occupancy. Matching leads to other listings achieves an ever-higher conversion rate.

Team Management

AirBoss keeps it all under control from one place— delegate tasks, communicate with staff, exchange files and streamline work processes for efficient, easy management and controlled authorization, be it with co-host, agents, cleaners, or whoever your business needs for optimum functionality. Flexible access control tools allow for personalized delegation of tasks and monitoring.

Guest Support

AirBoss excels the response rate by providing communication tools and scheduling via ready-made or customized messages. Instant auto-response enables immediate connection with potential customers, generating more leads. Reminder and note-taking assistance means hosts leave nothing to chance, and deliver a first-class service every time.


AirBoss’s extensive analytics reveal listing and account-level information, earnings and trends, wall-to-wall ratios, property-by-property breakdowns and core data. Neat, visually appealing, and downloadable for your further use, AirBoss stats reach far beyond the Airbnb basics giving valuable business insight for premium decision-making and profit-boosting results.


Not a partner but a friend, AirBoss is priced to provide efficient and affordable services to any host from mini-size to mega clients. Work less, book more, earn more!

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The AirBoss team is already working on some great new ideas for developing the product further, deeper and better. We are constantly thinking up superior services to make AirBoss the ultimate Airbnb property management tool. Therefore, we deeply value and kindly ask for your feedback. If you have any suggestions, proposals, improvements, bugbears or requests, please get in touch at